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Identify Value Co-creation through Social Network Analysis

March 7, 2011

Self-organising Service Webs based on Actionable Social and Semantic Knowledge

September 17, 2010

How can networked SMEs jointly offer electronic services via the Web? How to model a sustainable and profitable strategy for this? How can we make Internet technology more intelligent so that services can self-organise into bundles that better suit the needs of individuals or very large communities?

These are some of the calls the next-generation’s Service Web is expected to answer. Both Social and Semantic Web have liberated massive amounts of information about people, organisations, technology and their inter-relations that provide an actionable foundation for such Service Web to emerge.

The Service Web is, similarly to the Social and Semantic Web, not centrally controlled. It emerges from complex dynamic communication between people, groups, and communities. Realising the Service Web will require new ways of thinking rather than mere incremental approaches.

The central challenge is how service bundles can interactively self-configure and -adapt to distributed consumer’s considerations, taking into account a minimum governance frame or “rules of engagement (à la Sarbanes-Oxley)”.

It will require us to evolve up the semantic and social Web stack with a multi-disciplinary perspective that models the socio-economic content of services, i.e. the valuable outcome of services rather than merely its interface specification. See our current work on e3value at VU Amsterdam. Moreover, we have to extend current semantic Web service approaches that are dominated by top-down or manual composition, hence are not yet strong enough to deal with multi-party services in the fully open and large-scale environment of the Service Web.

At ICT 2010 I will talk about these issues during the Machines Making Sense of Content session on 28 Sept 14h-15h30.