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Agree on business semantics with roles, workflow and validation: “we’d call that buttoned down!”

September 18, 2012

Information Management is one of the world’s leading web sites for its area. They have listed Collibra with 40 other vendors that will  “shape the groundswell in information management technology in the 21st Century.”

Collibra is described as follows (LINK):

  • What: Webbased collaborative governance tools
  • Why: “A rock solid theoretical foundation, very community and business oriented,” a trusted advisor tells us, unlike metadata tools that get too wrapped around IT concepts. Made to allow business and technical people define their business concepts, facts and rules, in collaboration with roles, workflow, and validation. We’d call that buttoned down.
  • Where: Brussels, Belgium
  • Of Note: A spinoff of something called [sic.] STARLab at University of Brussels, one of the first places to do database research that’s now onto advanced semantics and ontology.

After being listed among ten semantic companies to watch by PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ Spring Forecast in 2009; and awarded by Gartner as Cool Vendor for Enterprise Information Management in 2011, Collibra finally got rid of its wrong tag “semantic web company” and is now fully and righteously recognized by professionals and companies globally as a key player in the most vibrant, growing and important ICT software sector, that is data integration and governance (although flavored with semantics of course!).