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Putting Collibra in Context: a Journey through the Childhood of a 4-year-old Technology Start-up

March 7, 2012

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A Prezi presentation on how to bring a successful presentation alive

June 7, 2010
Today I gave a talk on making and giving an attractive presentation. It was held in the context of a seminar in the second (BSc) year in Computer Science at VU Amsterdam. During the 6-week role-playing seminar students form teams, learn (by doing) to critically analyse papers on a hot research topic, give convincing presentations on their opinion, and criticize other teams’ presentations.
My inspiration for the talk came from a slide set from vinamaria on Slideshare, where she introduces SUCCES, an acronym for 6 qualities a talk should have: simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and story-telling. Of course this exercise was a bit tricky: obviously, I had to fulfill these qualities myself in my presentation to the students. Hence, to be at least a bit successful giving this presentation, I did not use PPT or Keynote but Prezi. This tool supports a radically new approach to building a talk outline base on a random tag cloud. It took some time to learn to use it, and I think I managed to produce something acceptable for a first time. See for yourself: