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Keynote at ESAS/COMPSAC2008 (Turku, Finland): Ontological Foundations for Evolving Agent Communities

August 1, 2008

De Leenheer, P. (2008) Keynote: Ontological Foundations for Evolving Agent Communities. In Proc of 32nd Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2008), IEEE Press, pp. 523-528

In July, I was invited for a talk at the 32nd Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference in the track of Engineering Semantic Agent Systems.

30072008164Research in ontology management has reached a certain level of maturity, however, there is still little  understanding of, and technological support for, the methodological  and evolutionary aspects of ontologies as resources. Yet these are  crucial in distributed and collaborative worlds such as the Semantic  Web, where ontologies and their communities of use naturally and  mutually co-evolve. Through a deep understanding of the real-time,  community-driven, evolution of so-called ontologies, a semantic  agent system can be made operationally relevant and sustainable over  long periods of time. Such a paradigm shift in knowledge-intensive and  community-driven systems  would affect knowledge  sharing and communication across diverse communities in business,  industry, and society. This talk gives an overview of the practical and theoretical challenges and limitations, and based on that introduce an ontological and methodological foundation for community evolution processes.

Furthermore, we show how these theoretical foundations feed the development of business semantics management in Collibra.