Service Value Networks

Our claims for the World Wide Value Web:

  1. Our world is a large-scale non-linear network of rich relationships between technologies, people, and organisations, emerging from the Web.
  2. Web relationships are a catalyst for innovation, i.e., a Value Web, that organisations should harness to devise new forms of value co-creation. To this end, enterprises must abandon value-chain thinking.
  3. One challenge is to articulate the structure and composition of value objects inherent to these relationships that would lead them to gravitate towards unanticipated value propositions.
  4. Presuming service-centric thinking, and non-linear patterns of the Web, Service Value Networks (SVNs) lie at the center of this gravitation; forming the hubs of the Value Web.
  5. (Service) Value Web technologies should embody generative principles similar to those that lead to the success of the Web itself. In other words, Internet-based SVN technologies should allow for unanticipated contribution of value (through service) to the Web by enabling anyone to share and trade their value objects, just like previous generations of the Web did for knowledge and social sharing.
World Wide Value Web: Automated Design of Real-World Multi-party Services on the Web from Pieter De Leenheer

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