Keynotes and Invited Talks

  1. World Wide Value Web: Automated Design and Representation of Multi-party Real-world Service Bundles. Curtin School of Information Systems (Perth, Australia, Dec 2012)
  2. Business Semantics as Interface between Enterprise Information Management and the Web of Data. 2nd European Business Intelligence Summer School (Brussels, Belgium, Jul 2012)
  3. Insights in Business Semantics Management: Entity Life-cycle Management in Open Innovation Systems. Curtin Business School (Perth, West Australia, Jan 2012)
  4. Are you scratching the metadata surface or governing the corporate information space? Insights in Business Semantics Management. Invited talk at DAMA Conference Europe (London, UK, Nov 2011)
  5. Insights in Business Semantics Management. at OASIS Symposium at ISWC 2011
  6. Business Semantics Driven Information Governance: a Case for the Flemish Public Administration. Invited talk at DAMA Conference Europe (London, UK, Nov 2010)
  7. Machines making sense of contentInvited talk at ICT 2010 (Brussels, Belgium, Sep 2010)
  8. Web 3.0 = Web 2.0 + Semantics. Invited talk at “We invite for you”. Vlerick Management School (Ghent, Belgium, Sep 2010)
  9. Enterprise Knowledge Management 2.0Executive Master Class at “10 days of ICT”. Vlerick Management School (Ghent, Belgium, May 2010)
  10. Business Semantics-Driven Integration of Service-Oriented ApplicationsInvited talk at Enterprise Data World (San Francisco, USA, Mar 2010)
  11. Business Semantics Management: Meaningful Integration is more than just Savvy TechnologyInvited talk at IBM Research Watson (Hawthorne, NY, USA, Nov 2009)
  12. Invited talk at Semantic Technology Conference (San Jose, USA, Jun 2009)
  13. Business Semantics Management: Methods and tools; difficulties and pitfalls. Invited talk at Share4Health workshop at Agfa Health (Ghent, Belgium, 2008)
  14. Semantics and Web 2.0: Lifting legacy data for use in meaningful information governance (2008) Invited Talk at SAI Platform (Brussels, Belgium, 16 Oct 2008)
  15. A Tutorial on Fact-oriented Business Semantics Engineering. Two-day Workshop at SCA Packaging Coordination Center, (Brussels, Belgium, 2008)
  16. Towards Ontological Foundations for Evolving Agent Communities. Keynote at 3rd IEEE Int’l Workshop on Engineering Semantic Agent Systems (ESAS 2008) in conjunction with COMPSAC 2008 (Turku, Finland, 2008)
  17. Mind the Gap: Transcending the Tunnel Vision on Ontology Engineering. Invited talk at Community Informatics Research Network Conference (CIRN) (Prato, Italy, 2007)
  18. Presentation and hands-on demonstration of STARLab DOGMA Studio at SCA Packaging, (Brussels, Belgium, 2007)

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