Hey business man, are you taking charge of your data?

Industrial analysts like Gartner and thought leaders all around agree that information should be treated as a reliable asset that drives many operational and strategic decisions. Along this line, information governance is an emerging business strategy attempting to regain competitive advantage from earlier investments in data management technologies.  In a recent survey, IBM found that 65% of companies from various sectors across the USA – are eager to roll out information governance even before the next business year ends. The question however remains.

What is information governance about and how exactly should we implement it?

Is there a one-size-fits-all approach as claimed by many software vendors, or does every organization require a unique plan?

At the VU University in Amsterdam, Ramon sistermans and me are looking to find an empirical answer to these questions. Through a survey we can identify information governance needs at different layers of the company and find out how technology vendors can gear their products towards meeting these needs.

To all data professionals worldwide, please help us enlighten the dark concept of Information Governance by filling out our survey:



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