This will be the century of mass migrations, including virtual mass migrations

FB is passé.

The frequency of wall updates seem to go down, at least in my network. It has to be seen how this will evolve in general. Furthermore, the adds are pointless, and its stuffed with apps like Farmville that have no value for society. Zuckerberg will have to do his best to make FB worth 50 billion $ (that is Goldman-Sachs most recent valuation). I am sure his girlfriend Microsoft Bing, who cribs search results from Google won’t be much of a help. Moreover, according to Bloomberg, 69% of investors finds FB over-valued, while only 10% find it well-valuated. Hold on everybody and get ready to run: a small but sheer bubble is about to burst ! A virtual diaspora of 500 million people is about to happen, but the next promised land is still to be found.

This will be the century of mass migrations indeed, including virtual mass migrations.


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