Weaving The Amsterdam Connection

The time has come to change biotope. A thinker has to mix its ideas and practices with others’ in order to become fitter for the increasingly competitive research environment.  After working in STARLab at Vrije Universiteit Brussel for 7 years, starting from December, I am appointed as assistant professor of business, web and media at VU University Amsterdam.

I had a great time in STARLab. Underdog or centre of excellence in the universe of Semantic Technology ? Well, not many labs can refer to such a long list of EU-funded FPx projects, and have borne a spin-off company that actually does sell semantic technology and methodology to large-scale industry and government and tidely partners with the big guys like Oracle . Many excellent senior researchers have passed the revue during my stay. Critical and stubborn egos they were, but all were crème de la crème when coming the point of work. We have worne out expensive office chairs’ coating when uncomfortably turning on it facing seemingly insurmountable scientific challenges, but also enjoyed endless philosophical discussions in Brussels’ brasseries. Whenever you heard somebody yelling “eureka”in a Brussels restaurant, be sure it was one of STARLab.

No I turn my back (only in the physical sense actually turning my head North :-) ) to this fantastic team and breeding ground of scientific revolution, and take the slow high-speed line to Amsterdam to join the club of Hans Akkermans and Jaap Gordijn. There a new education and scientific endeavor is waiting.

Thanks STARLab, thanks VUB !


2 Responses to “Weaving The Amsterdam Connection”

  1. Jacek Says:

    Congratulations again – best of luck, Prof! 8-)

  2. Clemens De Leenheer Says:

    Nogmaals proficiat en veel succes.


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