Enterprise Data World

At the Enterprise Data World Conference in March 2010 in San Francisco,  I will be talking about business semantics-driven integration of service-oriented applications. Unlike other so-called ontology languages that focus on formal aspects, Business semantics define the contextual meaning of key business assets for your organization in terms of business facts and rules.

Business Semantics have a dual utility: the derived business semantics do not only provide a shared glossary to augment human understanding, but can also be used to automate meaningful data integration during process integration.

Many organisations start to realise the potential of business semantics to leverage information management, and take initiatives at the grass roots. However sustainable and meaningful business semantics management must be organised and cultivated organisation-wide by the right balance of people, methods, and tools. In this talk you will learn that:

  1. your organisation already has much valuable metadata as building blocks for business semantics;
  2. reconciliation of metadata into sharable and reusable semantic patterns requires a systematic approach and careful selection of technologies;
  3. application of business semantics for EAI is much better than tradional point-to-point or hub-and spoke approaches;
  4. identify business drivers that convince your senior management to prioritise and free the necessary budget and resources accordingly;
  5. outline a roadmap to implement business semantics management as part of the overall information architecture and governance plan.

We illustrate these points with realistic case studies, and point out important challenges for the future. Rendez-vous Wed 17 March at 9h30 in the Hilton at Union Sq., San Francisco.


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2 Responses to “Enterprise Data World”

  1. Stijn Christiaens Says:

    Pieter, looking forward to see that presentation on business semantics. Any chance of a sneak peek :-)?

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