First International Workshop On „Semantically-Enabled Systems Engineering” (SENSE-2010)

Thomas Moser has gathered a nice programme committee for his brand new workshop (co-located with CISIS) with the catchy name SENSE. Indeed giving the full range of senses to machines requires correct interpretation through common understanding.

More info about topics, deadlines, and PC here.

Networks and systems of today are going through a rapid evolution. Different kinds of systems with different characteristics are emerging and they are integrating in heterogeneous networks. There exist different kinds of complexity in the development of software. Software systems grew larger, the focus shifted from the complexity of developing algorithms to the complexity structuring large systems, and then to the additional complexities in building distributed, concurrent systems. An example for these complexity issues is the production automation domain. Roles from different background (e.g. production planning, electrical engineers, and software engineers) need to coordinate themselves in order to achieve a common goal like an efficient and effective production system. Their systems typically consist of different per se complex system, which need to be integrated in order to work together efficiently. In addition, every role wants to keep its well known notations and tools.

Thus it is important to provide methods and tool support for efficiently and effectively supporting roles in their design, simulation, test and runtime tasks of a typical production automation system, without the need to a) agree on a common data model and b) change the currently well known tools and notations of the involved roles. Ontologies provide good methods for these tasks and seem especially promising for software engineers.

Goals of the SENSE-2010 workshop are in the scope of the CISIS conference to discuss the ways how the engineering of complex software intensive system can be supported by semantic technologies like e.g. ontologies.


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