Business Semantics for Trusted Regulatory Compliance: a Proposition

Ryan, H., Spyns, P., De Leenheer, P., and Leary, R. (2003) An Ontology-based Platform for Trusted Regulatory Compliance Services.In Proc. of the On The Move to Meaningful Internet Systems Workshops (OTM2003) (Catania, Sicily), LNCS 2889, Springer-Verlag, pp. 675-689.

This paper describes the shared objectives and planned collaborative venture to develop and deploy an ontology platform for trusted regulatory assurance and compliance certification services. The platform is based on extensions to the established DOGMA suite using legal domain-experts to develop and deliver the use cases. It is end-to-end, based on national and EU regulations, and will exploit multi-lingual representations, commitment rules, ontology management and reconciliation, intelligent agents and forensic tools. Evolution of the platform to a common integrated workbench for data privacy and digital rights controllers and for generic regulatory use is outlined.

The proposition introduced here  is based on our findings in previous projects (e.g., FFPoirot) and workshops (e.g., JURIX 2005) related to Legal Informatics and which were coordinated by us in the context of VUB STARLab.


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